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Our Remote Loan origination server solution is available in our products section.

Why set up Calyx Point® in a server network? Track pipe lines for each mortgage officer, use the task section to communicate with each loan officer or processor, run reports to find out when past customers need to be contacted about an arm rate change to have them refinance, and use the marketing tools to keep past customers informed of new mortgage products.

Calyx Point® set up via one of our servers will allow Loan Officers or Net Branches all over the country to work and communicate on any file. No need to e-mail files back and forth and have incorrect data put in to wrong files. Remember that E-mail is not secure and is not 100% reliable and with the increase of spam e-mail and Anti Spam software to protect you from spam, e-mail is getting less reliable each day. With one of our servers all loan officers can collaborate with your processing staff in half the time.

Calyx Point ® is the reliable, easy-to-use loan origination software solution that makes your mortgage loan process easier at every step of the loan process.

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The Brandon Computer Geeks Loan Origination Solution provides all the tools that loan officers need to attract prospective borrowers, manage leads, and market loans. Our Remote Loan Origination flexible solutions include remedial hardware maintenance and onsite support, scheduled services and preventative maintenance programs, and e-mail protection services. We will work with you to determine which technologies best serve your business and to evaluate and identify IT strategies. This includes budgeting and prioritizing to help set long range plans which support your business goals. Using Point in a server based network allows you to better control your files with security like: user names and passwords for folders so changes are not made during the process of a loan file. Calyx Point is by far the best loan origination and marketing software.


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