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Practice Management System
Our practice management system is a state-of-the-art medical management, medical billing and scheduling software designed for healthcare practices and providers, healthcare management systems and healthcare billing services. We offer system versions to meet the needs of medical practice administrators, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Centers (MRI), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS),
Anesthesiology Billing Services, and MSO Systems, among others.

Directcch.com is the one solution for today's doctor, medical office administrator and medical billing company.

Directcch.com's Systems service team is at your disposal to provide prompt, courteous and accurate responses to your requests.

System Design and Planning

Directcch.com's System Consultants will work closely with your practice prior to implementation to design and plan your system. Your System Consultant will configure your system, suggest modules, "right-size" your office and assure that the system is tailored to your needs. Directcch.com's Systems Consultants have extensive training in the functioning of the Directcch.com system and in computing and communications requirements. They can help in areas of network design and administration, LAN/WAN configurations, fat-client and thin-client
configurations, and specialized solutions. Directcch.com can provide support for your entire system or your software. We continue to invest considerable resources to ensure that our team is trained on the latest healthcare technologies. Each Directcch.com System Consultant must pass the Directcch.com Certification Program prior to working with customers.

Why use our practice management system?
We Care It's that simple! We're proud of our commitment to our customers. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to our success. Our staff is dedicated to making you happy with Directcch.com's healthcare solution.

Technology Advantage - We use the most modern system development tools. Our practice management system is not encumbered by old technology that's been disguised to look modern. Instead, it's healthcare applications are designed on the most advanced Microsoft® systems, giving our customers the comfort of knowing they're not dealing with arcane and outdated systems that are complicated to use and update.

The Power to Evolve - Our practice management system specializes in high-end, feature-rich systems with unsurpassed flexibility and scalability. Customers can "tailor" the system to effectively handle unique office and reporting needs without custom programming. And customers can grow and evolve with the our system.

Financial Stability - Directcch.com is a financially stable company that has been in the experienced in he healthcare services industry since 1989.
Our stability and experience provide customers with the comfort of working with a company that can serve them for the long term.

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