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Non profit computer help

by chuck 11/30/2019 12:27:00 AM

We offer non profit computer help. who DBA's as Brandon Computer Geek and readyremotley and has been in business for over 20 years. Starting as a non profit and then be coming a LLC support local business and Non-profits.  We specialize in non profits and working with those that help the community


I have found that a lot of non profits need help getting information about systems and software that they can get for free or greatly discounted. Please let me help you if you need it, We also do pro-bono services (free computer help if you qualify).

by chuck 11/30/2019 12:24:00 AM

A really cool online tool. I use it all the time.

Use it to look old versions of web pages.


Symantec/Norton antivirus got rid of end point protection

by chuck 11/30/2019 12:22:00 AM
I can't believe Symantec/Norton antivirus got rid of end point protection. "End point protection" is the software that they made for servers and business. Non-the-less this is a sign of things to come. Big changes are coming to the way we currently use computers. All the large companies are buying each other up to offer some type of bundle with their products. I just just wish they would ask AT&T how the direct TV bundle is working for them. Cause it is a hugs mistake. I.T. is not insurance where you bundle your home and auto. but t is to late now cause they are all doing it. Next they will broke up by the US government cause of monopoly rules. The future is exciting to see what happens.


Quantum Apocalypse?

by chuck 11/30/2019 12:16:00 AM
Do you know what the Quantum
Apocalypse is? Please look it up. Computers as we know them are going to change. And unless You have a tone of money YOU ARE NOT going to get one. The US government has a IBM Quantum computer, so be aware no encryption in the world is able to keep a Quantum computer out of YOUR data. Computers as we know them have reached "end of life". How does this affect you? Do you use the cloud for a lot of data storage, online banking, and personal data storage? Then this affects you!


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